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Privacy Policy

This Privacy policy as stated hereunder is in relation to the collection, verification, storing or maintaining and sharing of personal information of users of this website or members of our investment plans.

Coinboosters reserves the right to acquire, hold, store and distribute any information fed in our systems by users only on account of provisioning our services or in relation to provisioning such services and not otherwise

We do not share or disclose or use or sell your personal information to any third party, who is not a party to our contract for conducting our business or customer care services.

If you continue to use this website or agree to use its service, you/ user will agree to all terms related to our privacy policy disclosed hereunder. In case you do not consent to our policies please exit the website immediately.


During the registration process on our website to functionally become a part ofr our network investment plans, users have to enter number of their personal informations. Such information will be your personal information like name, mobile number, email address, identity proof, but not limited to information that the company may require to provide its services smoothly.

Information from users may be collected at different stages directly or indirectly, like while signing up or registering with the website, upon accepting our investment policy and selecting an investment plan. We shall also collect some amount of information while we process our wallet services to our users as well.

Coinboosters will conduct a series of verification and authentication process to ensure that information fed into our systems by users or collected directly or indirectly by us, is genuine and not fake or incomplete or vague.


The information that we collect from different sources or collection stages are used only for the purpose of rendering our services or in relation to rendering services.

We may also use your information or fed-in data to analyse or study our market performance based on the choices you or your downline makes.

Coinboosters may also use your information in case of customer query or complaints or in rendering effective customer care services.

We do not hold your information for selling or marketing to third party.


We are a network based investment company and understand the seriousness of the nature of our business. In this regard, we conduct a thorough verification of identity of our users or subscribers.

Coinboosters may, upon discretion, conduct a verification of personal information, directly or indirectly, using publicly available Government data or privately, to verify the accuracy, correctness and genuineness of information provided to us.

Coinboosters does not in any manner disclose the information received from its users through its website or other mediums.

We may however in case of any Government notification or in the event of any claims in a law court, may provide the required information as a proof or evidence to protect or defend Coinboosters or its members.


We adhere and respect the right to safety of information of every user on Coinboosters.

The information we collect from our users is maintained and stored in the form of electronic data in our systems. We use highly advanced and secure firewalls to protect any breach of data.

We may also maintain separate hardwares like computer system or hard drive or cloud based storage , to save records of our users that shall be kept is secured facility, accessed only by our reliable officials.

Coinboosters take due care in safe keeping of your data or information in all manners. We update our software and firewalls on regular basis to avoid any virus or breach of security. Our systems that store your data are locked by encrypted password and are hard on compromising.

We take all reasonable security measures to protect your data from being, altered, modified, deleted or misused or disposed or disclosed. Multi-level electronic, and physical barriers have been utilised and effectively integrated in our systems to safely use your information on day to day purpose of conducting our business.


Coinboosters generates you a password for the purpose of operations or transactions or use of investment account. Neither we nor any of our employee/member or working users will ask for your user investment account password.

Note: Please do not share your password with any one.


The user links on our website that belongs to us and are used in rendering our services are 100% secure and backed by full security. Always look for the green color and a lock symbol on the address bar to confirm that you are on secure page.

However, Coinboosters does not take any responsibility, in any manner or loss to any user, financial or non-financial, due to use of or operations of, any third party links on our website.

You/user is advised to use discretion in case of using or opening any other links on our website.


Coinboosters does not monitor, disclose, use or edit information or communication you send us using your registered emails address.

However we may use such information only under following circumstances:

Law requires us to do so

Upon receiving your consent to do so

Deem it is necessary to use information under good faith, for conducting our business or rendering our services.

To comply with any legal proceedings to protect or defend Coinboosters.


Our website uses cookies to identify certain limited information about the user or the system that user is using. The cookies we use collect information like IP address and/or duration of visit, navigation history on our website, searches you made on our website etc.

All these information collected via cookies are never stored in our systems. We use this information only to provide your better services, like providing personalised welcome messages if you are a registered users, showing you most accurate results of your searches or assisting you when you come back to our website. Such cookies never store any personal information.

They use only simple identifiers that can be number, code or any combination of both that the system generates to remember the visitor.

However, most of the computer system accept such cookies automatically, but you/user can deny to accept such cookies by changing system setting to ‘do not allow’ under cookies. In such cases, although the website may work but you won’t be able to use you all features on our website or access to some pages may be denied, for security purposes.


This privacy policy is a general disclosure to the users of and can be modified, changed or updated from time to time or as required without prior notice to users. You/user are requested to keep yourself updated with our privacy policy and your rights to privacy and protection of information.

In case you have any questions or query or doubts relating to our privacy policy, feel free to contact us or write to us. We will try our best to resolve your issues at the earliest, in accordance to the prevailing laws and by-laws.
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